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There are many reasons you as a business owner should think outside of the box. Entrepreneurs are often known for bucking the trends and having vision and foresight that no one else can see.  It’s this ability to challenge the common, and willingness to accept change that enables entrepreneurs’ success.  Great business owners get in before the heard and lead it.  They don’t follow. A common question business owners are now asking themselves is what are they missing by not thinking differently about their accounting departments and financial systems?

The Top 10 Reasons to Partner with a Virtual Outsourced Accounting Department:

  1. It is scaleable.  Use as little or as much as your business demands.  Grow quickly.
  2. Gives you more time to focus on your core business.  Experts are running the back office accounting department.
  3. You will be provided with timely financial reports which you will use to run your business better.
  4. You will have access to financial experts.
  5. It provides consistency and reliability.
  6. No more time wasted on training and applicant searches.
  7. Save on overhead from employees: payroll taxes, benefits, health insurance, office expenses, etc.
  8. Establish best practices for your specific accounting department needs.
  9. Leverage the knowledge of a company that deals with 1,000 businesses, just like yours daily.  Gain insight and value.
  10. Control costs.

Why waste time building an accounting department when you should be building your business?  You now have the luxury of turning on and off one of the most critical departments of your business with ease.  Use more when your business grows; use less when you are ramping up and still in the developmental phases.  It’s a very cost effective approach.

Running a business is hard enough, although I highly recommend you become familiar with your company’s financial systems, you don’t want to waste time becoming an accountant to get there.  A successful entrepreneur makes something out of nothing and does so namely by leveraging resources.  Tap the financial expertise of people who run accounting departments for hundreds of companies and leverage their knowledge.  Use that knowledge and freedom to give you more time to focus on your core business.  It will enable you to increase profits, and get you to where you want to go much faster than you would expect.


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