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How an Online Bookkeeper Can Help Your Business

Josh Rothenberg  -  Jul 19, 2012  -  , , ,  -  No Comments
If you are the owner of a small business, you might want to consider using an online bookkeeper to keep track of the financial aspect of your company.  Instead of hiring an employee to work for you full-time, you can hire a bookkeeping firm to handle your books. The Services

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Outsource Your Accounting Services to EZCFO

Josh Rothenberg  -  May 10, 2012  -  ,  -  No Comments
A typical small business is usually community based and caters to a small clientele initially. As it struggles to jumpstart its operations, there are a number of aspects to focus on, including marketing, smooth running of operations, and employee efficiency amongst other things. The fact is that new business owners prioritize business functions

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Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Josh Rothenberg  -  Apr 03, 2012  -  ,  -  No Comments
Bookkeeping for small businesses can be a tough task to accomplish, particularly since small startups scarcely have the resources to deal with the demands of a separate accounting department. This is why outsourcing their accounting make sense as it frees the owners from taking up the roles themselves, irrespective of whether

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Ways of Avoiding a Tax Audit

Josh Rothenberg  -  Mar 20, 2012  -  , ,  -  No Comments
No two words are more likely to strike fear into the heart of any small business owner or self-employed worker than the words ‘tax audit’. Tax audits are famously one of the most stressful experiences you can go through and are both incredibly intrusive and incredibly scary. No matter how

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Benefits to Outsourcing Business Accounting Services

Josh Rothenberg  -  Mar 01, 2012  -  , ,  -  No Comments
Large businesses and corporations are able to afford a separate accounting department, but small business owners and entrepreneurs are usually tied down with this responsibility, along with a myriad others. The number one reason why entrepreneurs never opt for professional business accounting servicesis the reason why they actually should be

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Welcome to EZCFO the Evolution of Accounting

Josh Rothenberg  -  Jul 27, 2011  -  , , ,  -  No Comments
Hello and welcome to Ezcfo was started by CPA’s who have seen the way that technology is advancing, and how it can help small businesses. Just a few years ago, a virtual accounting department would not be possible. Now is the time to use this new technology to your

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