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Ezcfo Payroll Provider Affiliate Program

As CPA’s and business owners, we have taken our years of experience and created a proprietary online bookkeeping system where we become the accounting department for small to medium sized businesses throughout the country.  As you know, business owners already see the value of outsourcing.  They do it for payroll, they do it for IT services and now, they are doing it for their bookkeeping.  We are America’s leader in providing outsourced bookkeeping and accounting solutions for businesses.  Our service truly allows them to focus on their core business.  No more worrying about hiring bookkeepers that come and go, and need to be constantly re-trained.

Independent Payroll companies continue to search for innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the national players.  Everyone knows that the cross selling of other services becomes essential to profitability and more important, client retention.  Accordingly, we are partnering with Payroll companies across the country to offer a unique service that will allow you to enhance your product offering and keep your existing clients sticky and provide you with an annuity like income stream.  Find out why other payroll companies are adding this very key service offering.  We want to help you grow your payroll business and protect your client base from attrition, and our solution does just that.

Why should your clients waste time building an accounting department when they should be building their business?  Now, your clients have the luxury of turning on and off one of the most critical departments of your business with ease.  They can use more when their business grows; use less when they are ramping up and still in the developmental phases.  It’s a very cost effective approach.

Here is a list of the top ten reasons your clients will love our virtual outsourced accounting department:

  1. It is scalable.  Use as little or as much as the business demands.  Grow quickly.
  1. Gives them more time to focus on the core business.  Experts are running the back office accounting department.
  1. They will be provided with timely financial reports which they will use to run the business better.
  1. Have access to financial experts.
  1. It provides consistency and reliability.
  1. No more time wasted on training and applicant searches.
  1. Save on overhead from employees: payroll taxes, benefits, health insurance, office expenses, etc.
  1. Establish best practices for your specific accounting department needs.
  1. Leverage the knowledge of a company that deals with 1,000 businesses, just like yours daily.  Gain insight and value.
  1. Control costs.

Running a business is hard enough, although I highly recommend your clients become familiar with their company’s financial systems, they shouldn’t waste time becoming an accountant to get there.  A successful entrepreneur makes something out of nothing and does so namely by leveraging resources.  Your client’s can tap the financial expertise of people who run accounting departments for hundreds of companies and leverage their knowledge.  Use that knowledge and freedom to give themselves more time to focus on their core business.  It will enable them to increase profits, and get them to where they want to go much faster than they would expect.

Not only are we offering this service to your clients, but you may wish to adopt this model for your own business.  We are well versed in payroll company needs and can provide you with SAS 70 proven techniques and reconcile your tax account daily so you can sleep at night!

Please contact us to find out more about our partner program and how you can add an annuity like income stream to your revenue. 


How do we partner?  You list EZCFO on your website as a service offering.  We design a marketing program to inform your clients.  For every client you refer, we share in the fees.

Why is it in my best interest?  Clients are looking for ease of use.  We sell this as a one stop package with seamless integration between their payroll and accounting systems.  You are adding value to your clients which in turn creates loyalty to your payroll company.  Plus, you receive a stream of residual income.  Not to mention, this will differentiate you from your competitors and help keep your clients “sticky.”

What services are offered? Accounts Receivable and Customer Invoice management.  Accounts Payable and Bill paying services.  Bank Reconciliations.  General Ledger Postings.  Financial Statements.  Other bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Is it safe?

All data is protected with state-of-the-art security at a SAS-70 Type II Certified data center.

Will this interfere with my CPA referral sources?

Not at all.  You are not competing with CPA’s.  CPA’s actually like this service because they do not want to be bookkeepers.  They get a cleaner work product and it frees them to provide more valuable services for their clients.  This program is targeted to the client who is tired of the revolving door of in house bookkeepers.


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